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a journal


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Welcome to my journal. I'm azuriyel and I have been documenting my life in general here for several years! There isn't really anything public; I don't even let my friends see most of my entries; they're mainly for me. Thank you for being interested and have a nice day!


accents, acting, animal crossing, arnold rimmer, astrum rangers, atton rand, autumn, badminton, bento, black magician trilogy, blackadder, blackfield, bodyboarding, bondage, books, cars, cats, cheese, chickens, chocolate, chocolate chip cheesecake, chris barrie, cinematography, city of heroes, comics, computer games, cooking, cornwall, craig charles, cream teas, crowded house, dave lister, david tennant, debating, diana wynne jones, discworld, doctor who, dogs, drama, drawing, england, explosions in the sky, fanfiction, father ted, fawlty towers, food, gaming, geeky guys, glasses, guitar, harry potter, harvest moon, heroes, his dark materials, history, holidays, holland, howl's moving castle, james may, jane austen, jedi, jeremy clarkson, kinbaku shibari, kittens, knights who say ni, kotor, kryten, leather, leather jackets, lightsabers, lord of the rings, love, lyric writing, manga, marillion, matt smith, misfile, monty python, morecambe and wise, movies, music, musicals, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, nicky katt, novelty socks, opeth, opposing ridiculous laws, peanut butter, peter kay, phoenix wright, phoenixes, photography, photoshop, physics, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pokemon, politics, polzeath, porcupine tree, portal, pride and prejudice, questionable content, racing, reading, red dwarf, redheads, richard hammond, rock music, role-playing, rtbisc, sailor moon, sarcasm, science fiction, sigur ros, singing, sith, sleep, snaking, socialism, something awful, spandex, spirited away, squirty cream, star wars, steven wilson, storms, studio ghibli, summer, sunsets, superheroes, talcum powder, terry pratchett, the dutch, the swell season, tights, tom holt, top gear, trampolining, trudi canavan, tulips, twitter, video games, web design, webcomics, winter, writing, xbox 360